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Looking to get the most out of your home's paint job or just to keep up with its carpentry needs? Then check out our great home tips, and be sure to check back regularly to keep up with our latest tips and tricks.

How Long Will Your Paint Job Last?

Planning on painting the exterior or interior of your home or business? It is important to choose the correct paints that not only will look great but last for years. Interior Painting For interior paint jobs, the best paint used to be oil-based paints. These paints lasted the longest for two reasons, durability and that...
November 16, 2016
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Which “Sheen” Should I Use?

Which “sheen” should I use? by Veronica Bower, Color Consultant The definition of “sheen” in the painting world specifically means the “depth of shine” you are looking for on your trim, ceilings, and walls. Generally the most appropriate sheens that work for these areas are as follows: Ceilings – FLAT Walls – EGGSHELL OR FLAT...
January 22, 2016
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Top Five Interior Painting Mistakes

Interior painting is a quick and easy way to update your West Palm Beach home – unless you make a mistake. My painters are well aware that while some errors are minor, others are quite costly and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top interior painting mistakes that an inexperienced home painter...
September 13, 2015
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Garage Door Painting Tips in Delray Beach, FL

Garage doors are often overlooked when updating a home’s exterior painting, but they should actually be a focus, as they’re one of the most visible aspects of a home. My painters and I know that garage door painting can freshen up a home’s appeal with a minimal amount of effort and money. If you want to update...
September 2, 2015
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All White | A New Hue Color Column

“All White… All White” by Veronica Bower, Color Consultant Choosing the “perfect” white for trim or walls is not as easy as you might think! But..its the hardest color for people to choose, either on a wall or trim. Dont fret! There is a basic rule of thumb to remember: If you are using dark...
August 1, 2015
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Prepare Your Jupiter, FL Home for Exterior Painting

As summer approaches, you may begin noticing the shabby exterior of your Jupiter, FL home. The need for new exterior home painting happens to every home eventually, and it will help preserve the value of your home – and keep your neighbors happy. Here are a few tips my painting company has acquired regarding house...
July 6, 2015
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How to Paint Hardwood Floors in Wellington, FL

Summertime is the perfect season to make big changes in your Wellington, FL house painting. School is out, meaning you’ll have lots of helping hands for any projects. If you want a transformation that you’ll notice every time you walk into your house, you may want to consider painting your hardwood floors. It’s an interior painting...
June 21, 2015
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Home Painting Tips for Palm Beach Gardens, FL Homes

As the summer heats up, you may be searching for affordable ways to add freshness to your Palm Beach Gardens home, especially as the summer heats up and you’ll be enjoying the indoor coolness of the air conditioning a bit more. Sometimes, the best, most stunning changes aren’t done with bold color and extravagant home painting or...
April 11, 2015
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House Painting Project for Homeowners in Ocean Ridge, FL

With the first day of summer in the not-so-distant future, and Delray Beach and Ocean Ridge, FL already heated up to a toasty temperature, it’s important that your patio furniture is ready to go. If you’re not enjoying the balmy mornings outside on your porch because of shabby wooden patio furniture, listen up! Here are...
March 16, 2015
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Home Painting Tips for Staging Success in Pompano Beach, FL

If you’re putting your South Florida home on the market this spring, you’ve probably heard of home staging, which is an effective, low-cost way to showcase your home by de-cluttering, showcasing your home’s strengths, and artfully arranging furniture. Did you know that painting is also a successful part of home staging? A fresh coat of paint...
January 14, 2015
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