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Which “sheen” should I use?

Which “sheen” should I use?

carpentry-services-benchmark-paintingby Veronica Bower, Color Consultant

The definition of “sheen” in the painting world specifically means the “depth of shine” you are looking for on your trim, ceilings, and walls. Generally the most appropriate sheens that work for these areas are as follows:

  • Ceilings – FLAT

Each of these have a different reason for that particular sheen.

  • Ceilings – You “dont” want shine because of “glare”.
  • Walls – You “do” want for stain resistance and durability.
  • Trim – You “do” want for washability from handprints and marks.

If your WALLS are not in that great of shape, we do encourage people to choose “flat” because if you use “eggshell”, it will show every imperfection or blemish on your walls. This applies to sheetrock walls that are not entirely flat and have noticable scars and areas that needed to be patched and repaired.

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