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Choosing A Beautiful Room Paint Color

Changing out the décor or style of a room or home is an exciting, but daunting task! The easiest way to achieve a fresh new look in any room is to update the color and freshness of the paint. Choosing Benchmark Painting and Carpentry is the easy part, but we know that choosing a paint color can be overwhelming and difficult. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

How To Choose Your Room Color

Here a few tips to help point you in the right direction while creating a fresh, new look for your room or home.

Tip 1: Look For Color Inspiration

Before looking at paint samples, determine how you plan to use the room and what type of mood you want to set. Use magazines, catalogs, or online sources like Pinterest to help you find some design inspiration.

You want to pick a color or palette you will not get tired of quickly. One way to do this is by going with colors you love. The best way to figure out what colors you favor most, go to your closet. It’s human nature to wear the colors we are drawn to. More than likely, when you look around your room or home you already know your favorite color. You may have decor and accent pieces like pillows or throws that have pops of this same color.


Tip 2: Look Around You

Unless you are wanting to go with a completely clean decorating style, look around the room you are wanting to paint. What decorations or accent pieces do you have? Choosing a color that is represented in those pieces will allow you to keep those pieces you love while giving your room a new look and feel. Love the tranquility of nature? Looking at the color schemes that you find in nature will help you replicate the serenity of nature in your home.


Tip 3: The Color Wheel

A color wheel is a great tool to help you find a shade, tint, or tone of the color you are leaning to. These easy-to-use tools allow you to see the different warm and cool colors, as well as, adding different shades or tints to your favorite color, leaving you with the perfect color!


Tip 4: Sample Colors

Before making a final decision, always have small sample cans made or order adhesive color swatches to try in your room. Paint a decent size swatch like a 2’x3′ area. Look at the color in the morning, during the day, and at night. Does the color change? Do you need a shade or 2 lighter or darker? It’s a good idea to paint near or up to trim or molding.

No one wants to paint a whole room and decide that the color just does not look like they thought it would. Save yourself money and time by doing a sample swatch. Many stores sell sample cans or adhesives that you can try in your home. Be sure to put the paint or adhesive near your trim or molding so you can get a true idea of how it matches up with the current trim color and decor. Leave the color up for a full day after it dries. You want to see the color in every lighting aspect of the day.


Tip 5: Download Paint Color Apps

Most paint companies have created helpful apps for choosing colors. Some let you add snapshots of your room or give you sample rooms to see colors you like. You will be able to see curated palettes and suggestions for complementary colors. If you like a color but don’t know the name, you can color match with a photo taken with the app. Some to try out are Sherwin Williams Color Snap, Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer, Benjamin Moore Color Viewer, or Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio just to name a few.


Tip 6: Help From A Designer

Still stuck? We get that! Here at Benchmark, we have our in-house designer that can help you with a color consultation. Our designer will come in, and after getting just a few details from you, will help you find the perfect color. Once you have chosen your paint color, give us a call! We help homeowners create that peaceful and cozy room with our expert interior painting services in Jupiter, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton areas! Call us at 877-BENCHMARK.

Ready To Paint?

If you’ve picked out your paint and are ready to paint, call us if you live in the Jupiter, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton areas. Do you still need help with color? No problem. Our in-house designer can help you with a color consultation. We would love to help create a peaceful and cozy home with our expert interior painting service. Call us at 877-BENCHMARK or request a free estimate online.