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Beautiful Cabinet Paint Color Ideas For A Kitchen

Kitchen remodels, hands down, are the best return on your home investment and are considered money well spent. In a kitchen remodel, cabinetry will be one of your largest ticket items. So because they are such a large part of your budget, you want to make the best choice possible. We know you are itching to call your Boca Raton interior painters to get started. In this article, we will be talking about painted cabinetry and color options. These days there are so many colors other than white. But keep in mind, there are hundreds of different whites, too. 

Why Choose Painted Cabinets?

Painted cabinets, whether you order from a manufacturer or you have a professional paint company refinish your existing ones, gives you a much wider variety when designing a kitchen remodel. The color choices are endless. Painted cabinets can make your design come alive with a personality all it’s own.

Color Design Options

In the kitchen, you may have several types of cabinetry to consider in your design. Your cabinetry may include uppers, lowers, an island, open shelves, and bakers pantry. Because of so many pieces, you have several design options to choose from. Here are some examples.

  1. You can consider all cabinetry as 1 item if you wish to be consistent throughout, so selecting only one color for the entire room.   
  2. Choose one color for upper cabinets and another for the lowers.
  3. Select a different color only for your kitchen island. 
  4. Pick a contrasting color for the butler pantry. 

These are just a few, and you can make a few more combinations to get exactly the look you want. So, decide the combination you like the best. Now once you’ve made your decision, it’s on to choosing the colors. 


Paint Colors & Combinations 

Ok, on to paint color options. The colors you choose will need to be a compliment to the rest of your selections. It’s best to choose paint colors along with the floor color, countertops, and backsplash. 

Also, your cabinet paint choice may depend on the style of kitchen you want. As an example, the farmhouse-style kitchen is popular right now. This style can have a large range of colors that will work because everyone’s idea of “farmhouse style” does vary. This style works great with white, blue, green, gray, and even black. 

So don’t get stuck into thinking that the theme or style you want must have certain colors to attain that look. Use that style to point you in the right direction. You can add elements to the design like lighting, cabinet hardware, and plumbing fixtures to pull it all together and accomplish the look you want. Designing it this way will give you the ability to put your personality in it.

Now for some colors that would anyone’s kitchen stunning. These are color swatches of Benjamin Moore Paint of the following families: white, blue, green, gray, and black. Most paint suppliers can color match for most brands.

Benchmark Painting & Carpentry Boca Raton Interior Painters


Benchmark Painting & Carpentry Boca Raton Interior Painters


Benchmark Painting & Carpentry Boca Raton Interior Painters


We hope these color cards have helped you narrow down your decision and given you some good ideas. When selecting cabinet paint colors get the whole family involved. It’s nice to get their opinion too. 

Boca Raton Interior Painters

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