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How To Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings?

How To Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings?

If you live in a home built in the ’50s through the early 2000s, you probably have popcorn ceilings. You may only have popcorn ceilings on the second floor, nonetheless, you probably hate them.

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Why did builders texturize ceilings in the first place? Simply, it was a quick and cheap way to finish a house without all the work of taping, mudding smoothly, priming, and painting. Builders used acoustic texture to cut costs and time. 

Should I Remove My Popcorn Ceilings?

Are you ready to get rid of that popcorn ceiling? If you do a quick google search like, is getting rid of popcorn ceilings worth it, you’ll be surprised to read people say it’s not. More than likely they don’t live with it, removed it themselves, or paid way to much to have it removed. 

But honestly, there are reasons to have it removed or covered. First, acoustic texture collects dust and cobwebs. There’s no way to clean it without accidentally damaging it. Second, popcorn texture casts shadows making your ceiling look dark and dirty. Third, if you’re trying to sell your home, popcorn ceilings are a huge turn off for a large number of buyers especially if you are competing with new construction in your area. 

Ways To Deal With Popcorn Ceilings

If you want smooth ceilings, removing it is the only way to go. If your home was built in 1980 or before, you will need to have it tested for asbestos. This is a simple test that we can do for you. It just takes having one of our professionals come and take a small sample to send off for the test. If the results come back negative, you are good to go. It’s a messy process with lots of steps, but the results are beautiful. 

Ceiling Covering Ideas

A different solution to popcorn ceilings is covering it. Cover it with what? There are several options these days to choose from depending on style and room. For instance, you could choose to cover it with a coffered ceiling. This option works for a kitchen, dining room, living room, office, or bedroom. 

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Benchmark Painting & Carpentry professional ceiling repairs and improvementsAnother option is to cover the popcorn ceiling with beadboard or wood other paneling that could be stained or painted. This premade paneling comes in thin to wide planks. Adding large wood beams can add even more interest and character to your home.

Your Home Improvements

Your home is your investment. Benchmark is here to help you maintain it and add lasting value. Do you live in the Boynton Beach or Boca Raton area? We want to be your lifetime whole house contractor.  To improve your ceiling, our skilled painters and carpenters can do it all from prep to finish. Whether you decide to go with a smooth painted ceiling or would like appealing wood panelings and beams installed, we can do it.

Our services range from full-service remodeling, room additions, interior painting, exterior painting, exterior home repairs. Our crews are still working hard to take care of all your home needs. Chat with us to set up your virtual estimate today (877)BENCHMARK.

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