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How to Completely Change your Mood With Color

As I stood in front of the towering wall of paint swatches, I wondered if paint color could completely change your mood. So I decided to do a little research. I wanted to find out if colors affect your mood. If so, in what ways? Do colors have the same effect or response on everyone? This might help me make my decision on what interior paint colors I would choose.

The response to color is often deeply personal and founded in your personal life experience or upbringing. Color can affect your performance. Conclusively, experts have found that while color can determine how we feel and perform, these influences are guided by personal, cultural, and environmental forces.


Does Color Influence Your Mood?

Research shows that color does transform your mood. Though opinions of color are somewhat subjective, some colors have universal meaning.

Colors on the cool side of the spectrum like blues, greens, and purples tend to have a calming result. Though in some people these same colors can cause sad emotions. Colors that are warm like red, yellow, and orange can make a person feel happy or warm. But, they can also have an adverse effect making them feel anger and aggression.

How Does Color Affect Various People?

Let’s take a look at a few colors and their powerful effect on people. Though these are basic colors, the results were interesting.

In the marketing world, black is used to signify prestige or richness. This might be the reason why black is the most popular color for luxury vehicles. People often describe the color as sexy, powerful, mysterious, and even threatening.

White, on the other hand, makes most people imagine something is pure, clean, and or sterile and unfriendly.

Red can make you believe something is powerful, fast, competitive, or takes charge.

Blue, makes people think safety or calm like a blue sky after a storm.

Check this out, “… a new YouGov survey conducted in 10 countries across four continents shows that one color – blue – is the most popular across the board. Between 23% (in Indonesia) and 33% (in Great Britain) like blue most out of the colors listed, putting it 8-18 points ahead of any other color.”

Color does interact with us. Depending on many circumstances, such as advertising and culture, color makes us think and feel differently. Based on these factors, it makes sense that color will affect us in different ways. So the childhood question “what’s your favorite color” is just that, yours.


How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home

There are thousands of color choices out there, so it’s understandable if choosing one is difficult. Let’s take a step back; think about how colors make you feel.

Pull all the colors you at first glance like. Now it’s time to start weeding out the good from the bad. Avoid colors that make you feel dreary or just don’t make you feel much of anything. You can completely ignore these and move on.

Now you can go through the swatches you have left. Do these colors make you feel happy, relaxed or calm? If you have searched through magazine pictures or decorating websites, you were probably drawn to similar colors. In that case, search through these and look for the right tone.

What Are My Favorite Colors?

Here are two foolproof ways to find out.
  1. Take a quick look in your closet. What color clothing do you tend to buy? More than likely, it’s your favorite color.
  2. Scan the rooms that you spend the most time in at home. What color are your favorite pieces of decor like pillows, rugs, or curtains?

Take note of wood tones, tile, and flooring colors in your home. Next, place your color swatches together near those elements to make sure they complement each other.

Look at the colors in the fabric of your furniture. What will be a nice compliment to the curtains and rugs? Most likely you will see a color pattern, and then it will be easier to find the right wall color to pull your room together.

Tip: Buy small sample paint to try out. You will be able to see the color throughout the day in its different light. Some paints can change in color depending on direct or indirect natural light.

Choosing colors that affect your has a genius way to preview paint without the mess. You can order peel & stick samples made with real paint from top brands.

What other elements should I consider when picking out a color?

  1. How much light does the room or rooms get throughout the day?
  2. What is the size of your room?
  3. Which tasks will be done in this area?

How Long Will You Own This Home?

If you plan on only staying in this home for no more than 2-5 years, it is a good idea to select colors that are medium to light tones or neutrals. Touch-ups are all you’ll need to do when it is time to put it on the market.

But, if this is your forever home you can freely select colors that you love. Most people get tired of trendy colors quick. Look for more classic and timeless colors. If a trend comes that you love, just add this color by buying it in decor. Throw pillows, curtains and throws blankets are less expensive than repainting your rooms all over again.

Conclusion, hopefully, the “great wall” of paint swatches isn’t so intimidating now. You have narrowed down the color family. Now, it’s a matter of picking out the right shade of that color.

Who Should I Call to Paint My Home?

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