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Should I Hire a Professional Interior Painter? A Helpful Guide

A helpful guide

You’ve walked the paint swatch isle over and over, watched HGTV and scanned Pinterest for hours and hours. Finally, you’ve found the perfect paint colors for your home. Time to paint! But now, do you paint it yourself or do you hire a professional interior painter?

Interior painting projects are exciting because it is the simplest way to create a new look & feel for your home. Changing wall color is an easy way to stay up to date with new home design trends.

Even though you’re excited, all the painting definitely can be overwhelming. You might be thinking, do I really have the time, patience, and know-how to spend money on all the paint and supplies for it to come out, well not quite perfect?

Does Quality Really Matter?

While it might feel really good to be able to say you painted your home all yourself, you secretly hope your friends don’t take a closer look and see the paint splatters and paint drips. It’s no secret, we’ve all done it.

Remember, painters, paint day in and day out, it’s their profession. They pull up to your home with all the ladders, painting equipment, and supplies needed. But, more importantly, they know expert techniques. A pro knows what type of paint works best for each room, and how to prep your walls correctly and quickly.

With a professional interior painter, you won’t see little paint spatters on your beautiful hardwood floors, dried drips or wall paint on your ceiling from accidental bumps from the rollers. Instead, you’ll have perfect clean-cut angles at windows and doors. The right amount of coats of paint will be smooth and the color consistent, not transparent.

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Is Your Time Valuable?

It might seem reasonable to think it’ll take you just a couple of days to knock out all the painting. But did you figure in the time it’ll take for moving furniture, prepping the walls, and the messy cleanup? You may have to run back to the store because you didn’t buy enough paint the first time. What might end up taking you a week to finish might only take a painting contractor 2-3 days, which includes prepping, touch-ups and clean-up. The interruption in your life using a professional interior painter will be minimal in comparison to doing it yourself.

Professional painters have a system down which enables them to finish a job in a timely manner. They’re also dedicating entire workdays to your project until it is done. On a larger project, a professional company can also bring in additional crew members as necessary.

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