Dull And Boring Interiors Transformed With Faux Finishes

Boynton Beach Faux FinishingNot all homes have great features or architectural style. Walls are painted plain, leaving the room with no interest, texture, or depth. Faux Finishes can be used to create interest in a plain home and are equally beautiful in homes with wood molding, wallpaper, wood paneling or other built-in decorative features.

You can transform your dull and boring home into something phenomenal with faux finishes.The problem is that decorative painting takes plenty of skill from a lot of practice, which is why you are better off having them professionally done. Not to step on your toes, but faux finishes often look very wrong when done by an amateur.

Whether you want to try it yourself or hire a pro, faux finishes are much more cost effective than remodeling with the real materials. Here are some examples of faux finishes you might like.

Faux Finishes That Look Like Wallpaper

Painters are true artists. It’s so amazing what can be done by faux finishing. Your professional painter in Boyton Beach can stencil or possibly free-hand designs on your wall to create the designs you’ll find on some wallpapers. There are many designs that can be created. If you want a change someday, you won’t have to remove wallpaper first!

Faux Finishes That Look Metallic

Metal is as interesting for a decorative finish today as it has been since Egyptian times when entire structures were clad in gold. There’s something about a metal finish that mesmerizes. Perhaps it’s the sparkle as the light plays on the surface, or perhaps it’s the densely smooth material that seems to flow.

Marble Faux Finishes

Marble has long been a favorite material in homes. It’s widely used commercially as well. Exceptionally realistic marble faux finishes can be painted on concrete and drywall. Fool your friends and family into thinking you had the means to get the real thing by hiring an experienced professional painter.

Stone Faux Finishes

Natural stone is earthy and comforting. Some varieties bring contemporary design to the table. For any style, the interior is grounded and comfortable. Stone faux finishes are hard to tell from the real thing. Again, it takes a professional to get it right.


Crackling is often used to create texture and depth. If professionally done, it looks equally stunning on walls and ceilings as it does on wood. If one popular faux finish should last through all decades as “in”, it’s crackling. Ask your painter about crackling with a touch of metallic paint in the mix for an upscale design.

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